perfectly idyllic retreat experience

The atmosphere of the Retreat was breathtaking.  From the moment that I saw the 1864 circa home I knew this would meet all my expectations.  I truly had to remind myself that I was only an hour away from home because I really felt I was away on vacation. I also felt this calm of being there in the home that had so much history but yet felt familiar and comforting, it was one of the best sleeps I have had. 

But I have to say doing the Yoga and meditation in this mesmerizing landscape was one of my favourite parts.   The way the trees sounded when the wind would blow felt like I was listening to waves crashing in the ocean, it was so relaxing and peaceful I miss that already!! 

What I learned through this experience that was a HUGE game-changer was that no matter how much knowledge or information I read, nothing is the same as experiencing the act.  This really opened my heart to actually starting DOING and not just talking about what I have learned. I have made a promise to myself to start living actual LIVING these things fully to the best that I can.  So begins my journey of DOING!! 

This was an unforgettable experience not just the with the retreat portion but the hospitality from yourself and Brian is truly beautiful. I really felt an instant connection and your genuine care of what you are offering to complete strangers is in itself heartwarming .

Thank you so much for this wonderful weekend retreat.

Mirjana M.


countryside getaway

Heart-Out Retreat is truly a beautiful and enchanting place, where everything that could go right does. My partner and I wanted to avoid the Canada Day long weekend city crowd by escaping to the countryside, and found this perfect retreat online.

 The retreat is made up of a collection of vintage furniture which lend to its interesting and quirky character. In fact, our suite even included a claw-foot bathtub. Finally, to top it all off, the breakfast was generous and scrumptious, all locally sourced and/or farm fresh. Nancy and Brian also took special care to accommodate dietary restrictions. It was actually very clear to see how they meticulously care for all of their guests. 

I cannot give praise enough for this place and for Nancy and Brian. I strongly encourage anyone who enjoys life's greatest and simplest joys to indulge themselves with a visit to Heart-Out Retreat Centre. 

To Nancy and Brian, all the superlatives in the world cannot express how happy I was to stay with you. Your hospitality was so warm and welcoming. I hope we can stay in contact and that you can expect frequent visits from us in the future.

All the best to your beautiful family.

Milan N.

away from the hustle & bustlE

I LOVED all the time in nature and was so grateful Mother Nature co-operated with lovely weather! It was super relaxing and peaceful!!!  Personally, the more internal work, quiet reflection and meditation, the better! I think it was a great mix of quiet and active. 

I felt the group size was perfect! (not too big or small!) I truly appreciated the extra effort in arranging for gluten-free items and the food was delicious!  

Thank you, Nancy, for asking deep, introspective questions and sharing your vast knowledgeable about physiology, movement, yoga and balance! You gave us so many wonderful suggestions to improve health, strength and movement. To me, it was very holistic, incorporating spirit, mind and body. 

I would definitely recommend anyone to partake in the retreat experience!  Nancy and Brian are very caring and concerned about putting guests needs and comfort first! They pay great attention to detail! It is certainly a good value!

Many thanks and much successes to you, Nancy & Brian

Wyn A.

just the peaceful weekend my soul needed

Being surrounded by trees and nature really put me at ease from when I first arrived. I loved the atmosphere of the retreat and being surrounded in nature with like-minded people. With the threat of rain, there were plenty of options to stay dry and when the heat became a bit too much after the hike, eating lunch inside was a nice cool down.  

This retreat was a good reminder that we are all on our own journey ~ I loved hearing the other retreat goers' passions and personal philosophies regardless of their background with “yoga”. The biggest thing for me was that the retreat really reinforced the notion that yoga is a lifestyle and not really about attending yoga classes.  This retreat really reminded me to continue on with my journey. To keep surrounding myself with like-minded people. To keep learning.

I would absolutely recommend this retreat to friends and family. Whether yoga has always been part of someone’s life or they are new to this lifestyle, a person will benefit from this retreat. Even if at the end of the day it was time to step out of one’s busy life and take some time to rejuvenate. 

Tammy D.